Cheap Mantel Clocks are easy to find

I was browsing the web, and specifically browsing for mantel clocks. I found a few on Amazon and eBay and all those junky websites, but I realized that their goal is to sell you the most expensive one they have.

Now, that’s where my tech-savvyness came in! Basically I realized that Google only shows 10 results on the search page so therefore I dug deeper into the third-fourth-fifth pages and found a source for cheap mantel clocks. Why did it take me three Google pages to find this? Google needs to get their stuff together and create an algorithm that makes it easier to find what I want.

What I liked the most is that this was an independent site specializing in clocks, which made it seem like they genuinely care, unlike the top 10 results which are all manufacturers and retailers whose goal is just to sell you the most expensive mantel clocks.

When it’s an independent reviewer, you have all the information in front of you in an unbiased format and you’re allowed to make the decision for yourself. Unfortunately I didn’t need wall clocks or anything of the sort, or I would have used that website for more too. The list I saw was comprised of Bulova, Seiko, Howard Miller, Vmarketingsite, Imax, Haysom Interiors and more.

Small ones were features as well as large ones. The layout was OK and I’d say the website is overall pretty trustworthy because it had a fast load speed. I would give it an 8.5/10 to be honest, since we’re reviewing stuff here.